Create your own product and download your 2D drawing - Step 1/10

Connector type



To configure this modules, select with your cursor
the picture you want to move in the drop zone!

Then, sort pictures like you want, in moving the cursor.

When you'll finish sort, you could be add another pictures.

Repeat operation while you want.

You would make this action each time you add module.

At the end, go to next level, click send.

Bad configuration

The position you chose is not correct.
We kindly ask you to comply with these rules:

1) The hybrid modules must be located at both far ends of the connector, close to the the guiding/keying devices cavities
2) The signal contacts modules shall never be splitted each other
3) The right position for a hybrid module must be out of the signal contacts modules chain

For specific request, please consult us.

Thank you for your understanding.